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Inquisition is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Inquisition+.


Inquisition is shaped like an upside-down heart with one circular section taken out of each side. This has the effect of making the top of the shield resemble a spike from the Nobody symbol.

The Shield also has two more large spikes at the bottom; one protruding from each of the bumps on the heart. Inquisition's border is black and it has a thin, orange inner edge. The face of this Shield is grey. It is a palette swap of Tester Zero.

An "inquisition" is an investigation that violates the privacy or rights of individuals.


Inquisition's ground combo begins with a sharp jab forward, followed by a thrust to the left. It finishes when Vexen raises the Shield behind him, and hurls it forward, hitting the target before flying back into his hands.

Inquisition's aerial combo consists of a one move combo: Vexen jabs to the left, then spins his Shield 360 degrees around him before coming to rest in front of him.

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