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An Inkling

An Inkling (記憶 lit. "Memory"?) is a key item that appears in Kingdom Hearts coded and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The sixteen Inklings, which appear as glowing white sparks, are scattered across Wonderland due to a bug.

They are lost memories of specific subjects, and must be reunited with their owners. Most of them are found in the field, although two are found by helping people with their memories, and one is a Sector Prize. However, there is no way to tell who an Inkling belongs to, so Sora must guess by selecting the most appropriate Inkling he has found to fill in the gaps in another person's memories. Another inkling is found in Castle Oblivion.


Kingdom Hearts coded

When Sora asked the White Rabbit if he knew something about Alice, he said that he only remembers that he glanced at his watch and knew he was late to the trial. After telling this, the White Rabbit ran away and left another Inkling behind for Sora.

When Sora approaches a card soldier, he tells Sora that he made a big mistake: he planted white roses instead of red ones and gives Sora the Queen of Hearts Inkling as a reward for helping him. The soldier then asks Sora if he knows where he can find some paint, but Sora leaves without answering the soldier's question.

Sora with Inkling (Screenshot) KHREC

Data-Sora presents an Inkling to Alice.

After Sora retrieves the rest of her lost memories, Alice explains that she saw the White Rabbit and followed it down a peculiar hole. She then asked the Cheshire Cat how to get home. He suggested that Alice should visit the castle of the Queen of Hearts, and when she was trying to ask the Queen how to get home, she saw the Keyhole in the Queen's court. Then, the card soldiers took her captive and were going to put her on trial, but she managed to run away before they could begin. She then started to chase the White Rabbit again and stumbled upon a strange tea party along the way. The tea party was hosted by the March Hare and the Mad Hatter to celebrate an unbirthday. She then met a Doorknob who refused to wake from his nap. After telling this, Alice gives Sora a Cure +1 chip to thank him for his help.

There are also several Inklings that serve only as decoys: Heartless, Cookie, Red Roses, and Looking-Glass.

List of Inklings

Inkling Location Owner
Alice In the Southeast corner of the clearing. Alice
Card Soldiers In the Northwest corner of the aimless path. Alice
Unbirthday Examine the sign on the North wall of the Tea Party Garden. Alice
Mad Hatter Examine door in the Northwest corner of the Tea Party Garden. Alice
Watch Complete Aimless Path System Sector. White Rabbit
White Rabbit In the Northwest Corner of the Hedge Maze. Alice
Cheshire Cat On the Chimney against the East wall of the Bizzare Room. Alice
Cookie On the table in the Southwest corner of the Bizzare Room. Decoy
Doorknob Complete the Bizzare Room System Sector. Alice
Peculiar Hole In the South part of the Lotus Forest. Alice
Heartless Near the Southwestern exit of the Lotus Forest. Decoy
Queen of Hearts Help the Ace of Spades Card Soldier in the Hedge Maze. Alice
Red Roses In the Southeastern area of the Rose Garden. Decoy
Looking-Glass In the Southwestern area of the Rose Garden. Decoy
White Roses In the North-middle section of the Rose Garden. Card Soldier
Trial Help the White Rabbit in the Tea Party Garden. Alice


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