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Indescribable Lore (語られざる秘法 Katararezaru Hihō?, lit. "Indescribable Rites") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Indescribable Lore+.


Both covers of the Indescribable Lore lexicon have two elongated, violet diamonds on them. They also have four pale pink crescents arranged into an "X" pattern around the diamonds. There is a short, wide, white diamond on either side of this "X", and four violet triangles on the spine of the book, two large ones and two small ones. All of the shapes on the spine and covers, as well as the lexicon itself, have black borders.

"Indescribable" means "difficult to describe". A rite is a religious custom. Lore describes the facts and traditions of a particular subject.


The Indescribable Lore's ground combo starts with a downward slash, followed by a leftward/rightward swipe, and ends with Zexion sending the lexicon to 'eat' enemies.

The Indescribable Lore's aerial combo consists of a downward slash, an upward slash, and finally Zexion sending his lexicon to "eat" enemies.

When the Indescribable Lore contacts an enemy, a red diamond quatrefoil surrounded by multiple red circles and red-orange semicircles appears.

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