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KH2 icon.png Impact Gummis are the most special of the Weapon Gummis from Kingdom Hearts II. Unlike all of the other Weapon Gummis, these Gummi Blocks do not fire projectiles, but they are still extremely powerful. Instead, when an enemy ship or object collides with the Impact Gummi, it will deal damage.

If your Gummi Ship is having trouble defeating enemy ships by using Projectile Gummis, try attaching loads of Impact Gummis and ramming the enemy ships. Impact Gummis have much lower costs than Projectile Gummis, so this ramming strategy can work quite well, and is cost-efficient. The only downside is that they are obviously completely useless for enemies that you cannot collide with.


Impact Drill-G.png

  • Cost: 8
  • HP: 1
  • Offense: 50
  • Size: 2x3x2
  • Max: 9


Impact Saw-G.png

  • Cost: 13
  • HP: 1
  • Offense: 100
  • Size: 4x4x1
  • Max: 9


Impact Gungnir-G.png The Gungnir/G is named for a recurring weapon from the Final Fantasy franchise.

  • Cost: 8
  • HP: 1
  • Offense: 200
  • Size: 1x3x1
  • Max: 6
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