Kingdom Hearts II
Identity Disk
Identity Disc
"Attacks enemies from afar"
Strength Magic
+3 +0
Buy Sell
Break out of the Pit Cell in Space Paranoids.

The Identity Disk is the weapon of choice of Tron. Identity Disks are standard weapons in the computer world, Space Paranoids; when one hits another program, the disk will de-resolute, or derezz, them, deleting from the database pixel by pixel. In the movie Tron, Identity Disks are powerful, but some programs have to be downloaded to the disk in order to derezz certain programs.

The Identity Disk is an average weapon, like the Kingdom Key. Just as in the film, a program was installed into Tron's Identity Disk in the I/O Tower to help him neutralize the Heartless. After helping Tron save Space Paranoids from the MCP, Sora is rewarded with the Photon Debugger Keychain, which uses an Identity Disk as its token.


The Identity Disk resembles a Frisbee, and operates like one as well. The color of the disk varies; it depends on the user wielding the disk. If a User program is wielding the disk, the color is blue. Otherwise, the disk will be a dark violet. Sark's version of the disk is orange-red to match his appearance.

Tron's Identity Disk is a mixture of dark and light blues. The disk sports a simple color scheme: the outer ring is dark blue while the following ring is light blue, with the pattern repeating towards the center of the disk.