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Ice Creams are a type of consumable item in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix that function similarly to the Aura spell in the Final Fantasy series, in that they manually place the character into a set Command Style. However, using an Ice Cream will not always cause the character to switch to the desired Command Style—15% of the time, it will instead activate the special Frozen Fortune Command Style, which can only be activated through this method, and if the player is already using a Command Style, there is a separate 15% chance of activating the current style's Finish Command.

Like all consumable items in this game, Ice Creams can only be equipped as Item Commands, but they must first be made at the Ice Cream Shop using the specified ingredients. Unlike the Synthesis Materials of previous games, Ice Cream ingredients can only be obtained from Prize Pods, rare Unversed that hide in most worlds.

Each ice cream can be made as soon as the ingredients are collected, though it cannot be used until its respective Command Style is unlocked, and once the character has made their first batch of an Ice Cream, Huey, Dewie, and Louie also put the recipe up for sale, so that the character can obtain more ice cream either by spending munny or through continued mixing. Once Terra, Ventus, or Aqua obtains each of their types of Ice Cream, they also receive the Sweetstack Keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Million Dreams Award

The Million Dreams Award (ミリオンドリームアワード Mirion Dorīmu Awādo?, lit. "Million Dream Award") is a type of Ice Cream in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, obtained in Disney Town at the end of the Dream festival. The citizens of Disney Town vote for who they believe has been the best citizen, and surprisingly, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua all tie for first place, due to their good deeds around town. However, the award is only obtained by the third character to complete Disney Town after the other two characters' time in that world is completed. If Aqua receives the award, she receives the RoyalBerry ice cream, Terra would win a stick of Rockin' Crunch, and Ventus would receive a cone of Double Crunch.

Note, however, that completion of the other two characters' entire storylines is not necessary to receive the Million Dreams Award. For example, if one completes both Terra and Ventus's runs through Disney Town and then completes the world with Aqua before proceeding any further with the other two, Aqua will obtain the award. To get the other characters' cutscenes, the player must start new save files with the other two characters and complete Disney Town after the third character's story is completed.

The Million Dreams Award is obtained if one wins the Dream Festival in Disney Town by getting the most popularity votes. In each storyline, Terra, Aqua, or Ventus can receive the Million Dreams Award separately. Pete also seeks to win the Million Dreams Award, disguising himself as both the false hero Captain Justice and the racing king Captain Dark in attempt to gain more popularity votes.

When either of the three Keyblade wielders obtain the Million Dreams Award, Pete rushes on stage as Captain Justice, when that doesn't work, he then changes his outfit to that of Captain Dark. Pete is then banished by Queen Minnie, and cast into the Realm of Darkness. Here, Pete meets and allies himself with Maleficent to be set free.

List of Ice Creams

Ice Cream Name Description Ingredients Command Style
Bueno Volcano KHBBS.png Bueno Volcano (ボルケーノカレー
Borukēno Kurē
?, lit. "Volcano Curry")
A daring new veggie ice cream that’s both healthy AND spicy. Firestorm
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
Snow Bear KHBBS.png Snow Bear (スノウベアー
Sunou Beā
A healthy, tofu-flavored ice cream shaped just like a polar bear. Diamond Dust
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
Spark Lemon KHBBS.png Spark Lemon (スパークレモン
Supāku Remon
A lemon ice cream whose sour power will have you wincing in joy. Thunderbolt
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)
Royalberry KHBBS.png Royalberry (クイーンベリー
Kuīn Berī
?, lit. "Queen Berry")
A raspberry ice cream with a hint of sour hiding under all that sweet. Bladecharge
(Terra, Aqua)
Milky Way KHBBS.png Milky Way (ミルキーウェイ
Mirukī Wei
A fluffy, fun-filled cross between cotton candy and ice cream. Sky Climber
(Ventus, Aqua)
Vanilla Glitz KHBBS.png Vanilla Glitz (ジュエルバニラ
Jueru Banira
?, lit. "Jewel Vanilla")
Vanilla ice cream studded with tons of gemstones. Chew carefully! Critical Impact
Rockin' Crunch KHBBS.png Rockin' Crunch (ロッククランチ
Rokku Kuranchi
?, lit. "Rock Crunch")
A bittersweet, nut-covered ice cream with a sophisticated taste. Rock Breaker
File:Big Bad Pete KHBBS.png Big Bad Pete (ブラック・ピート
?, lit. "Black Pete")
An unusual, Pete-shaped ice cream with a chestnut flavor. Dark Impulse
Honeybunny KHBBS.png Honeybunny (ハニーバニー
Hanī Banī
An adorable apple and honey ice cream shaped just like a bunny. Fever Pitch
Goofy Parfait KHBBS.png Goofy Parfait (グーフィー・パフェ
Gūfī Pafe
A sundae-style ice cream piled up to look like Goofy. Cyclone
Double Crunch KHBBS.png Double Crunch (ダブルクランチ
Daburu Kuranchi
A mixed ice cream so full of fruit, you might just go a little bananas. Wingblade
Fabracadabra KHBBS.png Fabracadabra (ハットトリック
Hatto Torikku
?, lit. "Hat Trick")
An ice cream topped with the magic of three fruit flavors. Spellweaver
Donald Fizz KHBBS.png Donald Fizz (ドナルド・ソルト
?, lit. "Donald Salt")
A fizzy ice cream that bears a charming resemblance to Donald. Ghost Drive
Daisy Sorbet KHBBSFM.png Daisy Sorbet (デイジー・ソルベ Deijī Sorube?) Cool sherbet with grape flavor made into ice with Daisy's shape. Rhythm Mixer
(Terra, Ventus, Aqua)

List of Ingredients


World Char Location Spawn Trigger Ingredient Drop
Dwarf Woodlands KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Underground Waterway Spawn point on top of a waterfall near the exit to the Courtyard. If none appear, exit the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png The Mine Lit area far on the right. Defeat the Monotruckers and Red Hot Chilis.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Flower Glade Area to the left of the path from the Courtyard.
Enchanted Dominion KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Waterside Make sure only four Scrappers appear at the first spawn point. The Prize Pods will appear near the wall of fire. If none appear, exit the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png Audience Chamber Columned area to the left of the entrance. If Red Hot Chilis appear, leave the area and return. Repeat if needed.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Waterside After exiting the Forest Clearing, in the corner of the cliff on the left side.
Castle of Dreams KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Palace Courtyard Go over to the fountain in the center and defeat four Red Hot Chilis. If another four appear, exit the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png Mousehole Far end of the area accessible through the hole on top of the end table with a clock in the Wardrobe Room. If the Prize Pods do not appear, leave the area and return. Repeat if needed.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Foyer Underneath the stairs on the left side. If you don't encounter a single Bruiser beforehand, reenter the area until it appears.
Radiant Garden KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png
DL VenAvatar1.png
DL AquaAvatar1.png
Fountain Court Defeat four Blue Sea Salts in the recess adjacent to the stairs. If Red Hot Chilis appear instead, leave the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
Disney Town KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Raceway Defeat four Blue Sea Salts in the blue walled roof across from the exit to Pete's Rec Room, only accessible via Air Sliding. If a Chrono Twister appears, leave the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png Raceway Roof leading from the exit to Pete's Rec Room. Defeat four Blue Sea Salts. If none appear, leave the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Raceway After exiting the Raceway Registration, immediately to your left against the wall with the hidden Mickeys. Must defeat a few Blue Sea Salts beforehand.
Olympus Coliseum KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png
DL VenAvatar1.png
DL AquaAvatar1.png
Town Near Thebes Far left corner. If only Red Hot Chilis appear, or none appear at all, leave the area and come back until Red Hot Chilis and Prize Pots appear together. Repeat if necessary.
Deep Space KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Turo Prison Hold Far end of the area. If none appear, leave the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png Durgon Transporter In the airlock leading to the Ship Exterior. If the first wave does not have any Sonic Blasters present, prize pods will spawn in the airlock after you defeat this wave. If prize pods do not spawn, exit and re-enter the room.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Turo Prison Block Far end of the hall.
Neverland KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png Skull Rock: Entrance Small cliff accessible via Air Slide from Skull Rock: Cavern. If Jellyshades and a Triple Wrecker appear, leave the area and come back. Repeat if necessary.
DL VenAvatar1.png Mermaid Lagoon On the ledge accessible from the Cliff Path. A Wild Bruiser will appear alone first, followed by the Prize Pods and four Yellow Mustards. If the Wild Bruiser and Yellow Mustards appear together, exit the area and re-enter.
DL AquaAvatar1.png Indian Camp Far end of the area. Appears alongside a Wild Bruiser.
Mirage Arena KHBBS.png DL TerraAvatar1.png
DL VenAvatar1.png
DL AquaAvatar1.png
Risky Riches The Prize Pots appear in the second-to-last wave of Round Three; eight appear this time.
Treasure Tussle Clear Round One and Round Two, and the first two waves of Round Three; the Prize Pots will appear on the bottom floor.

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