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The Hunter is one of the most powerful Heartless enemies that can be found in the various Gummi Missions throughout Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. There are four varieties of Hunters, each one more powerful than the last (some also have Hunter bombs that help in attacks). The Hunter is an enemy that has multiple target areas, but the main focus should be its head. It fires normal shots, lasers, and Ring Shots, and drops a treasure if defeated. There are no alternate colors for this enemy, but it will always drop a Gummi treasure if defeated.

It also has a powerful red counterpart, Hunter X, that appears in the final Gummi Mission.


A normal Hunter is a large, mechanical Heartless with a small, conical main body. Its head is bullet-shaped, navy blue with white highlights, and has glowing yellow eyes. Its body is longer, navy blue with zig-zagging, white lines decorating it, and sports the Heartless emblem on its upper half.

A sky blue ring divides the two halves of its main body and all of the Heartless's various weapons attach to it. The Hunter's four main extensions are long, blue and navy blue arms with white highlights. Each of these arms ends in three conical spikes—two white, and one navy blue—and each sports a single, curved, blue blade. These arms are arranged around the Hunter's head in an "X" shape.

The Hunter can transform into a more aerodynamic form by folding back its four main arms. While in this state, it moves with its main body leading, while its head point backward. The four other weapons are replaced with small, white spikes. Hunters are also occasionally accompanied by small bombs. These bombs are teardrop-shaped, blue, and lined by four white spikes. They sport a black ring around each of their midsections and a single glowing yellow eye on either side of their bodies.

The Hunter's name refers to its deadly battle skill.


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