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How to Play Golf is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to Monstropolis, enter The Factory/Ground Floor. From the Save Point, go into the elevator and up one floor. Once you've gone to the next floor, head down the D2 corridor passing through a room containing Heartless, and head passed the yellow staircase that leads up to the D2 block. In the South end of the area with the yellow staircase, there is an open pathway that leads down another corridor. Head down that corridor and take a right at the dead end, jump down off of several shelves to the floor where you will a large Treasure Chest containing How to Play Golf.


"Golf your way across a variety of courses!"


Reaching the Green
Use Left and Right to adjust the angle, then press X to drive. A square indicator will move back and forth along the trajectory.
Press X at the right time to take the shot. Look out for bunkers, water hazards, and animals!

How to Putt
Put the ball in the hole! Look carefully at the wavs in the grass before deciding on an angle.

If the wind is strong, be careful not to take a shot just as the wind is changing! It will drastically alter your trajectory.


How to Play Golf is based on Walt Disney’s 1944 animated short "How to Play Golf".

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