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How to Play Baseball is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to San Fransokyo, enter The City/South District:Day or Night. From the Save Point, climb the building with the John's Fashion Center sign. Once on top, you will see a building with a "M" that has a red and white radio tower on top of it. Use Shotlock to Air Step over to that building, underneath the radio tower you will find a large Treasure Chest containing How to Play Baseball.


"Hit the diamond and take on Pete's team!"


Press R1 to select the number of innings, then press the PS4 Touchpad to begin.

1) Battling
Press X to swing. Time it just right so the ball travels past the other team's fielders.

2) Pitching
Use Left and Right to choose a path, adjust the ball speed with Up and Down , and then press X to pitch. If you press DPad right before the pitch, you can throw curveballs and changeups.

If Pete's team gets a hit, use Left and Right to move Mickey and catch the ball!


How to Play Baseball is based on Walt Disney’s 1942 animated short "How to Play Baseball".

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