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Horoscope is a Claymore that can be wielded by Saïx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Horoscope+.


The handle of the Horoscope is blue-grey and has a white spike set in its pommel. The guard is red and has two small, black spikes jutting out of it that point diagonally upward. The main shaft of the blade is gold with a small grey section at its base. Its sides are ridged and its tip is red. The Horoscope also has two additional red blades with black inner edges that curve in a circular arc around the main blade. Both of these blades have two black spikes lining their outer edge.

When Saïx enters his berserker state, the shaft becomes longer and the tip larger. The two curved blades combine into a ring around the middle of the shaft, and each side gains an addition black spike, totaling six. Two new, wide, curved blades appear on the sides of the weapon. These new blades are white with red edges and are lined by large spikes. The Astrologia and Horoscope are palette-swaps of each other.

The meaning of its name is connected to astrology (much like another one of Saïx's weapons, the Astrologia), as a "horoscope" charts the position of celestial bodies at a particular event. It is often used as a form of fortune telling with the Zodiac.


Horoscope's normal ground combo starts with an upward diagonal slash, followed by a downward diagonal slash. This move is then repeated before the final move of the combo is executed, which is a forward dash followed by a slow 360-degree spinning slash. The Y-Combo can be activated after the third attack and consists of an upward diagonal slash, followed by a leap and a powerful downward, diagonal slash after a short pause.

The aerial combo consists of two upward diagonal slashes, followed by a more powerful downward diagonal slash after a short pause.

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