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The Hunny Pot (プーとハチミツのつぼ Pū to Hachimitsu no Tsubo?, lit. "Pooh and the Honey Pot") is a mini-game playable at 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It can be started by talking to Pooh at the Starry Hill.

The objective of this mini-game is to remove a hunny pot from Pooh's head by spinning him around until the pot pops off. The player utilizes two reaction commands to set the power and timing of the spin and the success of both criteria decide how effective the removal of the pot will be.


After connecting the final torn page of the 100 Acre Wood, Sora finds himself at the Starry Hill. He quickly spies Pooh atop the hill with a hunny pot stuck on his head. Pooh calls for Sora, asking for help, and Sora rushes to help sort out of the predicament.

Jiminy's Journal Objective

To complete Jiminy's Journal, the player needs to gather a score of 8,000 or more.


The first reaction command is Spin. In the top right corner of the screen, a yellow bar slides up and down. The fuller/yellower the bar, the more powerful the throw will be. To stop the position of the bar, the player must press Triangle.

Once Spin has been used, Sora will begin spinning in circles. The second reaction command will now appear: Release. Again the player must press Triangle, this time to determine when the pot is flung from Pooh's head.

The combined strength of the two reaction commands determines the landing place of the pot and the score the player receives. For optimum results, the Spin command should be used when the yellow bar is full, which will produce Sora's strongest spin. The player should also Release on Sora's first spin; the power reduces on every subsequent spin, which can be detrimental to the score. Releasing Pooh in the direction of the moon is the best way to create a good trajectory and improve your score.

Finally, it is important to note that as the reaction commands rely on the player's reflexes and timing, this is the least strategic mini-game available in the 100 Acre Wood. The difficulty of earning a high score will vary from person to person. The maximum number of points that can be earned is 9,999.


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