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Honey Lemon is a character who appears in Kingdom Hearts III.


Physical Appearance


Honey Lemon appears alongside the rest of the Big Hero 6 team in their hometown of San Fransokyo, which is besieged by Heartless. Following a battle on the San Fransokyo Bridge that had Hiro and Baymax meet Sora, Donald, and Goofy while tending to an injured Go Go, Honey is back at Big Hero 6's base to oversee an online news article regarding Big Hero 6 getting their butts kicked by the Heartless and casting doubt on their ability to defend the city and asking residents to evacuate while they still can, leaving Honey disheartened with the rest of the team, mentioning how people believe fiction more than truth. Honey is then formally introduced to Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Once Sora explains what the Heartless are and where they come from, Honey fears they have no way to combat them, causing Go Go to ask if they are just giving up, with Baymax also calculating their odds to be very slim in terms of victory against the Heartless. When Hiro puts Sora though a simulation to help the heroes fight the Heartless, it gives Honey Lemon the idea to change how she attacks with her chem balls, such as using combinations. She becomes fast friends with Donald that she shows interests in his magic.

Later, they discover that the Baymax whom Hiro had to leave behind when they rescued Abigail Callaghan from Krei's Silent Sparrow portal after defeating Yokai has been corrupted by the Heartless, along with the Microbots that were stranded with him, and is attacking the city with the Heartless. With the support of Sora, Donald, and Goofy, Honey and the rest of Big Hero 6 are able to purge the darkness and influence of the Heartless from the old Baymax and return him to normal. Afterward, Honey and the rest of the team continue to defend San Fransokyo with two Baymax by their side.


Honey Lemon is a character in the Disney film Big Hero 6.