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A Hex Ring is a Unique Nobody Ship that appears in various Gummi Missions in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It is unique because of its method of attack, the Ring Shot, which can be dodged by sitting still as the ring passes around the Gummi Ship; this method of attack is shared by the Submarine Heartless who appear in the Floating Island level. There are also Red and Gold versions of this Nobody Ship that drop treasures when defeated.


A basic Hex Ring is a mechanical Nobody with a cone-shaped body. Its body is dark red with small vents on its front, reddish-brown highlights, and a spike in its base. It also has a yellow, spike-shaped light on the top of its body. There are two short "arms" on either side of its body, both of which are reddish-brown with red and yellow tips. The most prominent feature of the Nobody is the large, octagonal ring that attaches to the top of its body. This ring is predominantly red with a thin, black outer edge and short, orange, triangular spikes on each of its corners.

A "hex" is an evil spell or curse, while "ring" clearly refers to the structure and circular energy beam the Hex Ring fires. The Japanese name, mirage, is a type of optical illusion. This may reference the rings of light the Nobody fires, which can blend together in a way that fools the eyes.

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