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The Hero's License is a license obtainable in Kingdom Hearts coded, from Episode 4 in Olympus Coliseum. With these, the player gains the ability to use magic in the Data World.

Hercules Memo: Hero's License

In here, you can use special powers from something called a Hero's License.
Licenses can be gotten from blocks and fallen enemies, but they are limited the same way items are.
At first, you can only use six kinds. They have all sorts of effects, so it's a good idea to experiment.

List of Licenses

  • Fire License - Allows you to cast Fire magic
  • Cure License - Allows you to cast Cure magic
  • Guard License
  • Power License
  • Blizzard License - Allows you to cast Blizzard magic
  • Thunder License - Allows you to cast Thunder magic
  • Reraise License