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# Team Enemies
9 Dusk Vanguard Gargoyle ×5
Shadow ×3
8 Minions of Horror Wight Knight ×4
Air Pirate ×1
Barrel Spider x2
7 Buccaneers Battleship ×1
Pirate ×4
6 Stray Phantoms Gargoyle ×4
Wight Knight ×3
5 Mad Truffle Rare Truffle ×1
4 Cloud Cloud
3 Dark Squadron Wight Knight ×1
Gargoyle ×2
Pirate ×2
Air Pirate ×2
2 Flying Pirates Battleship ×2
Pirate ×2
Air Pirate ×1
1 Hercules Hercules

The Hercules Cup is a series of arena matches at the Olympus Coliseum that becomes available after completing Neverland in Kingdom Hearts and its Final Mix version. As with the previous cups, the various seeds feature enemy configurations that are tougher than normal, and often not at all encountered during normal fights. It also has the standard amount of seeds, featuring enemies fought in Halloween Town and Neverland, namely Shadows, Barrel Spiders, Wight Knights, Gargoyles, Pirates, Air Pirates, Battleships, and a lone harmless Rare Truffle.

The only notable enemy other than Hercules himself is Cloud, who is fought in the sixth round. Cloud will reuse the same moves as during his previous bossfight, although with much higher stats. He has a new Omnislash ability, which he uses sometime after taking about 50% damage. He will begin to crackle with lightning, turn invincible, and begin flying around. During this time he will fly up to you or your party members and try to hit them. Dodge Roll is your best bet at avoiding him for now. After his defeat you earn the Metal Chocobo Keyblade.

Hercules bossfight

The Hercules bossfight.

The final seed is against Hercules, who is always fought alone. He will have a bright gold aura, making him completely invulnerable. Barrels will spawn during the match, which you have to pick up and throw at him to disable the aura, giving you a short time to damage him. He will not sit back idly however, and will primarily resort to throwing straight-forward punches at first. These have a long wind-up time, which is off-set by his high range as they carry him forwards. Dodge Roll remains the easiest way to avoid him. He will eventually regain his aura and resort to a leaping ground smash, creating a shockwave, which you can avoid by jumping.

From here on he will also use a spinning tornado and a charging head-bash attack. Both can be avoided by Dodge Rolling however. As his HP gets lower he will more frequently use the ground smash move, making it harder for you to hit him with the barrels. Eventually he will also resort to his strongest move when he begins to charge up, shouts "Try this one for size!", and becomes surrounded by a glowing ring. Exit the circle quickly to avoid taking a lot of damage.

Completion of the Cup grants Herc's Shield and the yellow Trinity Mark ability; Trinity Push. As with all arena matches Philoctetes also offers solo attempts, which has different rewards depending on the version; an Orichalcum in the original version, and a Critical Plus in Final Mix. Afterwards time trial becomes available, with a time limit of three minutes; the original grants a Power Up, and Final Mix the Gravity Break ability.

Note that the time trial mode has a bug where if you restart in the final round the timer stays frozen.