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The Heartless' symbol.

Heartless are the darkness in people's hearts, or darkness made real. They have a thirst for hearts, and are often attracted to pure hearts, such as Sora's. They were created by Ansem, as revealed by his reports. They first appeared in Kingdom Hearts.

When a Heartless eats a person's heart, the victim turns into a Heartless, while the mindless soul is created into a Nobody.


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Pure Heartless


A Pure Heartless

Pure Heartless are naturally created Heartless, spawned from people's hearts. Unlike artificial Heartless, pure Heartless do not carry Ansem's insignia. Pure Heartless tend to be sinister and seemingly crazy in appearance.

Artificial Heartless

Xehanort created artificial Heartless. An artificial Heartless can be told by Ansem's insignia on it.

Soldier Class


A Soldier

The most common type of Heartless, after the pure type, are Soldier Heartless. They may be characterized by their helmets and guise, and by their similarity to Pirates and Bandits. Soldier Heartless may be found most commonly in Traverse Town, Wonderland, and the Timeless River, although they are abundant just about anywhere.

Pirate Class

Pirate Heartless, found mostly in Neverland and Port Royal, are very much like Soldier and Bandit Heartless. However, where the Bandit class has an answer to the Large Body, the Pirate class has an answer to the Air Soldier.

Bandit Class

Bandit Heartless, found mainly in Agrabah, are very much like Soldier and Pirate Heartless. However, where the Pirate class has an answer to the Air Soldier, the Bandit class has an answer to the Large Body.

Mage Class


A Wizard

Striking an interesting appearance similar to Vivi, most Mage Heartless are small and cute in stature. All but the highest ranking Mage Heartless are named after a form of music, along with their generic color.

Possession Class

File:Thresholder 2.PNG

The Thresholder

Unlike other Artificial Heartless, Possession Heartless are not created by Xehanort (although they still sometimes bear his insignia). Instead, they are created by Possessors, a special type of pure Heartless that can possess and turn ordinary objects into Heartless. Possession Heartless may be found exclusively in Beast's Castle.

Cartoon Class

Usually comical in appearance, Cartoon Heartless are most at home in Disney Castle and the Timeless River. They tend to not be found anywhere else (except in the Olympus Colosseum). Exceptions include Driller Moles and Bulky Vendors; the latter of which may appear almost anywhere, but are extremely rare.

Chinese Class

Characterized by their major appearance in the Land of Dragons, Chinese Heartless tend to show Chinese and Japanese culture.

Chain of Memories Class

These Heartless are unique in making their first appearance in Chain of Memories.

Cyber Class

Cyber Heartless are Heartless created by the MCP in Space Paranoids. They tend to move clockwise.

African Class

The African class involves special Heartless found in the Pride Lands.

Aquatic Class

Aquatic Heartless appear only in Atlantica and Never Land.

Pot Class

The Pot class includes the strange arthropod Heartless that hide in containers, usually corresponding to the Pirate and Bandit classes.

Mushroom Class

The rarest enemies in Kingdom Hearts, the Mushroom Heartless carry extremely rare and valuable goods that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Jungle Class

The monkey Heartless, which may be found in Traverse Town, Deep Jungle, and the Pride Lands.

Machine Class

Machine Heartless are contraptions found in Halloween Town and Christmas Town.

Search Class

The loosy-goosy ghost Heartless of the Search Class tend to be powerful. They can be encountered most commonly in Monstro the Whale, Atlantica, and Halloween Town.

Behemoth Class

Although there was only one Behemoth in Kingdom Hearts, there were three kinds of Behemoth in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix. As enemies, they are best found in the Olympus Colosseum and End of the World.

Other Heartless


The Trickmaster


These are unique Heartless; they are more or less shadows of a living person.

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