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Heart Points is the name of a currency found and used in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Heart Points can be obtained by defeating Emblem Heartless. When Emblem Heartless are defeated, a Heart appears. These are automatically collected and can be used to buy items in the Moogle shop inside the Grey Area or at the Station Plaza. Unlike other currency in the games, this can not be obtained by selling items back to the shop, and is only obtained from Emblem Heartless. Each different Emblem Heartless gives a specific amount of heart points depending on the type; however, additional Heart Points can be gained from creating a Chain. Chains are a great way to get quick Hearts Points easy.

There some abilities that can help you to have more Heart Points like:

Chain Time: Give yourself a longer time window for continuing chains.

Weapons with this ability

  • Technical Gear+ ③ with two Ability Unit Ⓛ
  • Duel Gear ④ with two Ability Unit Ⓛ
  • Champion Gear+ ⑤ with two Ability Unit Ⓛ
  • Ultimate Gear+ ⑥ with three Ability Unit Ⓛ

Only Roxas and Xion can obtain Heart Points.

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