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Hayner is the first contender fought in the Struggle mini-game in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Roxas fights Hayner on the 4th Day in the Struggle tournament, while Sora's fight with Hayner is his first Struggle battle. You must beat him ten times to be able to fight Setzer.



  • Swing Down: Downward club swing.
  • Swing: Jumping club swing.
  • Stab: Stabbing attack.
  • Spin Attack: Wide-arc club swing.

Begin the battle by locking on and backing away. Hayner's attacks consist of two-hit combo followed by a short thrust. Both attacks leave him wide open for a counterattack. Keep a safe distance and don't stop moving. Wait for Hayner to make the first move. Get a feel for the attack speed, and move in before he has a chance to recover.

The best tactic for getting all of Hayner's orbs is to apply pressure. Lead him towards a corner, and race around him to reverse positions. Continue the assault until Hayner is nearly out of orbs, then retreat to collect any that bounce away. When fighting Hayner, use the Explosion ability to take out most of his orbs. Remember that, like all Struggle battles, you can play it safe by making sure that you have more orbs than Hayner, then keep your distance until time runs out.


Hayner - Kingdom Hearts II
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