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Prince Hans is an antagonist in Kingdom Hearts III.


Although Hans did not speak during the duration of the game, Goofy initially thought that Hans was kind and caring and that he had come to help Elsa. In reality, Hans had kidnapped Elsa with the intention of killing her, all while leaving Anna alone to die in Arendelle's castle. His actions proved that he desired only one thing: to become sole ruler of Arendelle.

Physical Appearance

Hans is a man with an average height and build, with reddish-brown hair parted directly down the middle and green eyes. He wears a gray winter outfit with white gloves and boots.


Kingdom Hearts III

When SoraDonald, and Goofy prepare to return to Elsa's ice palace to speak with her, they notice Hans carrying an unconscious Elsa from the distance and wonder who he is. Goofy assumes he was someone from Arendelle who came to help her, but Sora and Donald think otherwise with the latter noticing an aura of darkness surrounding his body.

When Sora reunites with Kristoff, he tells Sora that he returned Anna to Arendelle to be with Hans.

As the trio and Marshmallow return back to Arendelle, Anna notices Hans ready to kill Elsa and jumps in front of his sword, freezing solid just before Hans' blade strikes her and shatters the sword. Anna's freezing causes a shock wave, knocking Hans away and rendering him unconscious. When Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive they see Hans fully succumbing to darkness and he transports the trio and Marshmallow through a dark corridor, in which a Heartless named Sköll manifests from him which is then slain by the group.


Hans first appeared as the main antagonist of the 2013 film Frozen, voiced by Santino Fontana. He is a prince of the Southern Isles and the youngest of thirteen brothers, two of whom pretended he was invisible for two years. This mistreatment caused Hans to develop a desire to claim the position of ruler of a kingdom, and a plan to conquer Arendelle for his own by luring Princess Anna into a false romance.