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The Hallowed Lotus is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Hallowed Lotus+.


The Hallowed Lotus has a relatively short, curved, pink handle with a black spike set in its pommel. The tip of the handle is white, and attaches to the base of the scythe’s blade, which is roughly diamond-shaped, and is black with gold edges. The blade has a vague triangular shape. The back of the blade sports three spikes—two on the tides that are pale gold and one black on in the middle—that create a shape reminiscent of Sora's crown necklace. The black middle spike connects to a red, heart-shaped pattern on the main blade.

This pattern somewhat resembles the Heartless symbol, and there is a small, cross-shaped gap in each of the lobes on the heart. The blade’s tip ends in a large arrowhead, and a long spike sprouts from the top of this arrowhead and arcs over the rest of the blade. The blade’s edges are predominantly pale gold, except for an area near the tip, which is a normal shade of gold. The rest of the blade is black.

"Lotus" refers to a large number of different plants. One such species of lotus has great significance in many Asian beliefs and traditions, and is sometimes referred to as the "Sacred Lotus". "Hallowed" is a synonym of "sacred".


Hallowed Lotus's ground combo begins with Marluxia bringing his Scythe down to the left to create a powerful slash to the right. Marluxia then swings the weapon upward which knocks some enemies into the air. The ground combo is finished with a powerful slice down at the ground. The aerial combo consists of two attacks, the first being a quick slash to the left and finishes with another swing down and to the left.

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