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The Halbird (ナルバード Naru Bādo?) is a Dream Eater that appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Its Spirit version is obtained via Spirit synthesis, while its Nightmare version can be found in the Country of the Musketeers and The World That Never Was.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Hit-and-run air strikers that pester their prey. While their tactics are sound, why do they stop to gloat every time they land a hit?

Physical Apperance

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The Halbird, hence it's name, is a small hawk-like creature. It has a yellow neck, with a green beak, and two red pupil-less eyes. On top of it's head, two small red horn-like objects can be seen.

The Halbird has a brown body, with a purple belly. Out of the sides of it's body sprout two brown wings. The wings have three green tips on the sides. On the sides of it's body two yellow spots can be seen. It has two small brown feet, and a small tail.

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