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The Hades Paradox Cup is one of the four cups that Sora enters by talking to Hades in his chamber in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The tournament consists of fifty matches with the cup's rules changing every ten matches. Sora fights a boss on every tenth match and the final boss is Hades in Berserk mode. When the player wins the cup, they receive the Hades Cup Trophy. You can restart the tourney after every boss.



Rounds 1-10

  • No restrictions. You are not timed, and you have access to Drive Forms, Summons, and your allies.

Rounds 11-20

  • Titan Cup rules. Sora fights alone, and cannot use Drives (with the exception of Limit Form in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix), but Summons are available. There is also the Damage Points restriction with Sora starting out at 500 points.

Rounds 21-30

Rounds 31-40

  • Cerberus Cup rules. Drive Forms are available to the player, and Drive Gauges fill much faster than normal. There is also a ten-minute timer.

Rounds 41-49

  • No Summons, no Drives (with the exception of Limit Form in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix), and no allies; just a Keyblade, Magic, and Trinity Limit.