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Gunz is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Gunz+.


The Gunz shield is comprised of two sky blue semi-circles, surrounded by a pale yellow "S" shape. The outer edges of this shield are lined by navy blue spikes. Most of these spikes, except for the three bottom ones, are small and triangular in shape. The bottom three spikes are quite large, shaped like the spikes on the Nobody sigil, and have sky blue tips.

The Günz glacial period, also referred to as the Beestonian Stage, is a glacial epoch which ended about 866,000 years ago. Like Gunz, Mindel and Würm also draw its name from the glacial period.


The Gunz shield offers Vexen long and powerful combos. The ground combo begins with a forward thrust with the Gunz shield. The second attack is a very short and simple jab to Vexen's left. The combo finisher ends with a long-range forward toss of the Gunz shield; Vexen then stills it, gives it a small push forward from afar, and then the ground combo ends. The aerial combo begins with a short downward strike, and then Vexen will perform a right-to-left swing strike. The aerial combo then will end with a quick circular orbit of the Gunz shield around Vexen in the air. These combos are all the same for the Gunz+.

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