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The Gummiphone is a device used in Kingdom Hearts III to contact other across various worlds in the game.


Kingdom Hearts III

Needing to better keep in touch due to having to carry out seperate tasks to thwart the Real Organization XIII, Chip and Dale created the Gummiphones for Sora, the King and Ienzo; this way Sora's group could journey around the worlds, while maintaining contact with the King and Riku in the Dark World and Ienzo in Radiant Garden.

Sora recieved his in his new clothing and gets a phone call from Chip and Dale to inform Donald and Goofy to teach Sora how to use the device, due to being technology-inept. Ienzo joins in the call to inform the group that he is researching Ansem's Code, which Riku had retrieved from Sora's heart back when he freed him from the Armored Ventus Nightmare.

While in Twilight Town, Sora attempts to use the camera function to take a photo with Hayner, Pence and Olette; however, he mistook it for an automatic feature. This forced Goofy to take the picture. Olette noted the Lucky Emblem in the photo and told Sora that they were scattered around town and were very hard to find.

Later, Sora attempts to call Ienzo to check on the progress of helping Roxas regain his own existence. However, he ends up calling the King and Riku by mistake due to them being in Radiant Garden as well. Riku reveals that replicas are vessels that hearts can be put in to create people, indirectly mentioning his own replica; so Roxas would look like himself once his heart goes in a replica. At the same time, Sora informs them of Malefient and Pete's search for the black box.

While Sora contemplates calling Riku and the King to find a way to the Dark World to help look for Aqua, Ienzo gives a call. He explains that part of the code he managed to decipher reveals that not only does Roxas's heart reside within Sora's own, but two others do as well; having just ran into Vanitas at Monstropolis, they instantly believe the second heart belongs to Ventus, while they are clueless to Xion being the third heart.

Shortly after visiting San Fransokyo, Sora's group is contacted by Chip and Dale about their loss of communication with the King and Riku in the Dark World. This forces them to find a way to the Dark Realm, leading them to find Master's Defender.

Ienzo later lends his gummiphone to Demyx, so it could be used as proof of defection from the Organizatio. Upon arriving at the site of Dark Riku's defeat, Demyx shows the gummiphone to Riku to gain his trust and take the empty replica.