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This article is about Xigbar's weapon. You may be looking for the group or the Keyblade.

Gullwing is a pair of Arrowguns that can be wielded by Xigbar in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Gullwing+.


A Gullwing Arrowgun has a compact, elegant body that is blue with black edges and curved "wings" close to its sides. Its barrel is white and has a long, backward-pointing spike on its top. The guard and handle are both black, and the guard is lined by six blue diamonds with black edges. The bullets are blue and the diamonds flash this color when Xigbar reloads. The bullets produce blue, crescent-shaped sparks on contact with an enemy, and gold sparks on contact with anything else.


It is named after the Gullwings, the faction the main characters of Final Fantasy X-2 belong to. They also appear in Kingdom Hearts II as side characters.


Xigbar's basic ground combo consists of him firing three quick shots from his left Arrowgun in an upward arc, which he follows up with one shot straight ahead from each of his Arrowguns. After the initial three-shot combo, Xigbar can perform a spinning backflip and fire six shots around him by pressing Y. Xigbar's aerial combo consists of this same backflip, but is followed up by two shots straight down.

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