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Guardian Form
Guardian Form
Guardian Form
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Sora Guard Form KHIII

Sora using Counter Shield.

Guardian Form is an ability introduced in Kingdom Hearts III. Guardian Form is accessible when Sora wields the Hero's Origin, Classic Tone, or Hunny Spout Keyblades.


When in Guardian Form, Sora's clothes become yellow with a checkered diamond pattern on his pants.


Guardian Form's weapons are focused on Sora's defensive capabilities, granting abilities such as Second Chance, Withstand Combo, Defender, and its unique abilties Barrier and Counter Blast.

Ability Description
Aerial RecoveryPress B c after taking damage in the air to right yourself.
High JumpLeap high into the air. The longer you hold B c, the higher the jump.
BarrierPress B s to guard against attacks from all directions.
Combo MasterContinue combos even if your attacks miss the enemy.
Counter BlastPress B x after a successful block to send surrounding foes flying. (Reprisal)
Second ChanceAlways retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more.
Withstand ComboAlways retain at least 1 HP if you are hit while you have 2 HP or more. You will remain protected throughout the enemy's combo.

Combos & Finishes

Hero's Origin

Counter Shield

Sora's Hero's Origin Keyblade changes into a shield which he uses to both block and attack with. Not unlike Goofy, Sora attacks by bashing with and throwing the shield at enemies, and has a combo finisher consisting of summoning a circle of lightning around Sora that expands outwards. As one of the form's counters, Counter Slash has Sora summons several glowing magic fists which pummel and knock around enemies in front of him. Sora can perform a Finish Command that involves transforming his Keyblade into a flying chariot complete with its own Pegasus. In this phase, the player can move around and strike nearby foes with Thunder upon a press of the Attack button. This form's unique Shotlock is called Atomic Deluge, where Sora catch a sun-like orb of energy from the sky on the Counter Shield, then spinning it to send sparks unto his targets.

Ability Description
Shield SpinSpread your arms and spin at foes. (Combo finisher).
Lightning Circle Raise your shield and strike the area with lightning. (Combo finisher)
Shield ChargeHold B s to temporarily guard against attacks from all directions. You can move while guarding, and successful blocks will charge the shield in stages.
Wrathful FistAfter charging your shield with Shield Charge, select Attack to hammer your foes with a giant fist and send them flying.
Wrathful FlurryAfter fully charging your shield with Shield Charge, select Attack to hammer foes repeatedly with a giant fist and send them flying.

Hunny Spout

Hunny Blasters

Named "Hunny Blaster" in the Japanese version. Sora's Hunny Spout Keyblade splits and becomes a pair of guns, similar to the Element Form's Double Arrowguns. While in this form, Sora can perform an attack, possibly a combo finisher, that fires honeypots filled with honey over an area. A similarity between Double Arrowguns and Hunny Blasters is that this can also enter a Auto-Shot state (named "Shooter Mode" in the Japanese version), where the camera changes to an over-the-shoulder view and shots can be properly aimed and rapid-fired not unlike a Shotlock.

Hunny Launcher

Named "Sweet Launcher" in the Japanese version. When Sora has filled the Situation Command meter a second time after Hunney Blaster has been activated, the guns can transform into a bazooka-like weapon, similar to the Shooting Star Keyblade's Magic Launcher transformation. While in this stage, Sora can perform a Finish Command which launches a large bee made of honey from the tip of the launcher forward, before triggering an explosion that rains honeybees and honey down on impact. This form's unique Shotlock is Sweet Surprise, where Sora charges the Hunny Launcher before fire a large projectile that then splits into a multitude of smaller projectiles, all with powerful homing capabilities.

Hunny Blasters
Ability Description
Sliding ShotTilt and press B s to fire a blast of projectiles as you evade in that direction. Only works while in combat.
Burst ShotFire a volley of simultaneous projectiles. (Combo finisher)
Auto-ShotHold B r2 to continually fire projectiles.
MultilockLock on to multiple targets at once.
Hunny ShotLaunch projectiles that honeycoat enemies they touch.
Hunny Launcher
Ability Description
Rising BlastKnock enemies away and then blast them with a projectile. (Combo finisher)
Final ImpactFire a projectile that results in a wide blast.
Charged ShotHold B r2 to charge up energy and release it as a projectile.

Classic Tone

Boom Hammer

Sora's Classic Notes Keyblade transforms into a giant hammer that unleashes slow but devastating attacks that can potentially crack the ground. Its attacks are nearly identical to those of Hyper Hammer, with the only difference being that Boom Hammer's slams leave gears and cogs in their wake instead of cracks. Its ground combo has Sora leap forward and slam the hammer into the ground in front of himself, spin it around himself, slam it in front of and behind himself, slide it forward before swinging it upwards, and finishing by enlarging the hammer and slamming it on the ground. The air combo is identical to the ground combo, though the slams are replaced by Sora spinning the hammer vertically.

Clock Drill

When Sora has filled the Situation Command meter a second time after Boom Hammer has been activated, the hammer can transform into a drill-like gauntlet called "Clock Drill". While in this stage, Sora utilizes the drill to devastate singular enemies with heavy thrusts and swipes that break through physical defense, and at the same time deal damage to groups via slamming into the ground, with one of his attacks sending drills to come up in a large radius around him similar to Strike Form's Drill Punch. Its execution is nearly identical to Drill Punch, though Clock Drill's shockwaves are replaced with gears and cogs. This form's unique Shotlock is Noise Flux where Sora attacks targets with the Clock Drill by flying in straight lines while teleporting, piercing through enemies and allowing him to hit more targets than locked on similar to Drill Dive. The Finish command has the screen turn black and white as Sora summons a clock on the ground and inserts the drill into it, spinning the clock hands to 12:00 and damaging any enemies caught in the clock.

Boom Hammer
Ability Description
GuardbreakerPrevent your weapon attacks from being deflected.
Aerial WallopSmack downward with a giant hammer. (Combo finisher: while airborne)
Flying ClobberWhile in flowmotion, press B x to take a swing at foes. (Flowmotion attack)
Ground WallopSlam a giant hammer into the ground. (Combo finisher: while grounded)
Clock Drill
Ability Description
Corkscrew UppercutLaunch foes into the air with a giant drill. (Combo finisher: while grounded)
Drill PillarsWhen surrounded, call forth countless drills from beneath the enemy's feet. (Combo finisher: while grounded)
Dire DrillLunge toward foes with a giant drill. (Combo finisher: while airborne)
Diving DodgeTilt and press B s to dive beneath the ground and evade in that direction. Only works while in combat.

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