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The Gold Match bossfight.

The Gold Match is an arena match against the Ice Titan at the Olympus Coliseum in Kingdom Hearts[a] and its Final Mix version. It becomes available after completing the Hades Cup and has to be fought with Sora alone. Originally it gave no reward upon its completion, although this changed in the Final Mix version, wherein Sora gains the Diamond Dust Keyblade. Actually attempting it should not be done until at least level 60 or so, if not higher depending on your difficulty level. The best accessories and items should be equipped as well, along with the Ultima Weapon Keyblade. Shiva Belt is worth considering due to its 40% ice element damage reduction

In terms of Magic you can only rely on Curaga and Firaga, everything else is ineffective, except for Firaga which at least deals twice as much damage. Aeroga might seem useful but should be avoided at all costs as it simply makes the Ice Titan's icicles end up being much larger and impossible to be deflected. As the Ice Titan can not be attacked normally you have to rely on deflecting the icicles to damage it, other than attempting to hit it with Firaga or Strike Raid.

The aforementioned icicles are its main avenue of attack, and it will throw them at you in a few configurations. Guard is recommended, although you do need to be careful to avoid being struck afterwards due to the amount that is fired. Other than the icicles the Ice Titan creates shockwaves when it moves, so you will want to be on the bleachers to gain some extra distance from it. This does not stop it from trying to hit you by summoning ice stalagmites from below and around you, which it does after slamming its hand onto the floor.

After enough damage is dealt by deflecting icicles it will be temporarily stunned, during which it lowers its head and opens itself up for several aerial combos. After it gets back up it will retaliate with a large flurry of ice spikes, too many to Guard against normally, although using Combo Master for a continuous combo can be effective. If it has lost its purple HP bar it will start to use an ice breath attack, which does not deal that much damage but will leave a cover of ice on which Sora can slip. And alongside the stalagmites it now creates large ice blocks above you, which are somewhat faster and more accurate. Lastly it will now passively generate icicles whenever it moves, which you can use against it.

Once you manage to remove the pink and orange health bars it will resort to its strongest move and freeze the entire area in front of it. You can either dodge it by moving to the sides, or if you have enough HP, just take the hit and rely on Leaf Bracer to both heal and avoid the continuous ice damage you take while in the blizzard. The ice stalagmite and block attacks will now also only be used at the same time, and an ice block will also fall on-top off you at the end of both its freeze attacks, forcing you keep on the move.

Eventually the Ice Titan will be stunned once more, but likely not take enough damage to be outright defeated. Instead you can deal a lot more damage by focusing on deflecting the massive amounts of icicles that it fires and spawn at you, inbetween the few moments where you have to run around to dodge its and attacks and cast Curaga's to stay alive. After its defeat you receive nothing in the original version, whereas the Final Mix edition at least grants the Diamond Dust Keyblade, the only one with an innate +3 MP bonus.


  1. Except in the original Japanese version, as this bossfight was added in the international release.