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Goddess of Fate Cup

Goddess of Fate Cup Trophy
Katakana 運命の女神カップ

Romaji Unmei no Megami Kappu
Seeds 10

Rewards Basic: Fatal Crest Keyblade
Solo: Orichalcum+
Time trial:
Unlocked Clear previous cups and beat Xemnas for the first time.

Kingdom Hearts tracks
Field theme - Beneath the Ground
Beneath the Ground KHII
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Seed Team Enemies

1 Morning Star x 1
Emerald Blues x 2
Sniper x 2
Morning Star x 4
2 Hammer Frame x 3
Living Bone x 1
3 Creeper Plant x 3
Toy Soldier x 1
4 Nightwalker x 2
Crimson Jazz x 2
5 Shaman x 4
Assassin x 2
Devastator x 3
6 Fat Bandit x 1
Large Body x 1
7 Lance Soldier x 2
Assault Rider x 2
8 Rapid Thruster swarm
9 Bolt Tower x 2
Hot Rod x 2
10 Hades
Hammer Frame x 8

The Goddess of Fate Cup is an Olympus Coliseum Cup available only in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


Fight alongside your friends. There are no special rules in this Tournament.

No experience is gained.






  • Although it is titled the Goddess of Fate Cup, on the cup itself in the Underworld's entrance, it displays the title Goddess of Destiny Cup.
  • The cup is named after the three Fates in Hercules who inform Hades of Hercules being able to overcome him. Interestingly, the Fates have yet to make an appearence in the series.
  • This cup is the only one not to have a respective paradox cup.
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