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The Glidewinder is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. They serve as both enemies and opponents in the Rumble Racing event.


A Glidewinder is a seemingly mechanical creature that lacks legs. Its body is wide, bulky, and sports two small headlights in it. Its arms each end in large, conical lance heads, though they can flip around for it to use its clawed hands. Its head is black and partially fused with its body, and it has a large turn key sticking out of the top of its head. It can also alter its shape and transform into a sleeker, more compact and aerodynamic form. Glidewinder Unversed come in several color varieties, including blue, yellow, and red versions, though this is purely an aesthetic difference. All types of the Unversed sport the same red eyes set in an angry expression and the Unversed emblem adorned on the front of its body.

"Glide" is a reference to the Unversed's speed while "winder" is a possible reference to the wind-up key in its head. "Glidewinder" is also phonetically similar to "sidewinder", which can refer to an untrustworthy person.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Glidewinder receive a palette swap which gives them a darker, metallic-like body.


Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

When Terra first visits Disney Town, he spots this particular breed of Unversed speeding by on the Raceway. When he runs onto the field to face them, they race away, and Terra is nearly run over by Pete.

In Deep Space, while searching for the Wayfinder Experiment 626 lost, Aqua encounters a hoard of Glidewinders that she must fight while riding her Keyblade Glider.

During the Rumble Racing events, including those in the Mirage Arena, the Glidewinder appears as a racing opponent.


The Glidewinder is the fastest species of Unversed in the game. Similar in fighting style to the Magnum Loader, it will circle around a player before charging at them at high speeds. It can also attack players with its claws. Though Terra is strong, Aqua is a better choice, as she can attack by shooting magic arrows with no chance of missing.


  • Spin: Uses its claws in a vicious spin attack.
  • Charge: Charges at the player at high speeds.