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This article is about the shield. You may be looking for the Deck Command.

Glacier is a Shield that can be wielded by Vexen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Glacier+.


The Glacier shield is shaped like an elongated diamond with a semi-circle chunk taken out of each side, causing it to resemble a spike on the Nobody logo. There is a long, "V" shaped piece connected to each of the side corners of the main shield. The inner edges of these side pieces are navy blue and the outer edges are blue-white. The main shield is sky blue with blue-white edges, as well as some cyan-colored markings along the edges.

Glacier is the French name for the Blizzard spell. Similarly, the spell's upgrade Blizzara is also known as "Glacier+" in the French versions of the Kingdom Hearts games. Glacier is also the name of the giant masses of ice that once covered the world during the Ice Age.


The ground combo begins with a sharp thrust to the left, followed by a jab forward. The shield flies out of Vexen's hands in a sharp thrust forward as a finisher.

The aerial combo begins with a downward thrust, and flies out of Vexen's hands in a 360 degree slash attack as a finisher, coming to rest in front of Vexen.

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