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Gimmick Card

The Gimmick Card, also known as the Trick Card, is a special Friend Card that can be obtained under certain conditions during boss battles. It depicts a green Hidden Mickey. The card acts as a 0 card, but cannot be broken. Using a Gimmick Card will generate effects that can give Sora the upper hand. In practice it is quite similar to a Reaction Command.

Gimmick Card use.

A Gimmick Card being used on the Guard Armor.

  • Guard Armor: The Guard Armor collapses into a pile and does not attack.
  • Trickmaster: The table and chair reappear in the middle of the arena, allowing the Trickmaster's weaker head and chest to be attacked. In Re:Chain of Memories, Trickmaster is stunned as well.
  • Parasite Cage: The rotating platforms are replaced with one large platform, and the stomach acid disappears.
  • Darkside: A broken piece of wood flies in, allowing you to fly up to the Darkside's head for close-range attacks. In Re:Chain of Memories, several pillars of rock form a staircase to the Darkside's head.
  • Jafar: All the floor panels rise to the highest level, allowing Iago to be more easily attacked.
  • Oogie Boogie: The metal wall guarding Oogie Boogie drops into the floor. In Re:Chain of Memories, Oogie Boogie is stunned as well.
  • Giant Ursula: Ursula's tentacles disappear, and she drops her head to the ground. In Re:Chain of Memories, Ursula is stunned as well.
  • Maleficent/Dragon: A pile of stone blocks fall from the ceiling, allowing her head to be more easily attacked. In Re:Chain of Memories, a floating platform appears that allows the player to reach Maleficent's head while also keeping them out of any flames on the ground.
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