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Genie is a boss who helps Jafar during his battle with Sora and friends during Kingdom Hearts. Genie's loyalties lie with Aladdin, but after Jafar acquired the magic lamp, he used a wish to have the Genie aid him in battle.


As a nearly omnipotent being, Genie cannot actually be defeated, or even really fought. He acts as a guard for Jafar, and will attack Sora when he gets too close to him, but as his loyalties still lie with Aladdin, he will release restorative orbs afterwards. The only solution is to simply avoid Genie and go straight for Jafar, but if you could use the orbs, provoke an attack from Genie but dodge it.

The orbs Genie drops are:

  • Attack hits Sora: (1) HP Ball x 6
  • Attack hits Donald/Goofy/Aladdin: (1) MP Ball x 2
  • Slap attack hits water: (2) MP Ball x 6
  • Slap attack hits ground: (5) Munny x 5
  • Genie applauds: (1) HP Ball x 5, (2) MP Ball x 5, (1) Munny x 5
  • Genie is overjoyed: (1) HP Ball x 5, (2) MP Ball x 11, (1) Munny x 5, (5) Munny x 5


Jafar and Genie - Kingdom Hearts
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