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Captain Gantu is a boss fought during Aqua's visit to Deep Space. He is a 20 foot Trained Soldier of the Galactic Federation. Gantu was sent on a mission to retrieve the recently escaped Stitch. He is able to perform devastating charging attacks, as well as fire a blaster. Gantu can punch enemies as well as crush them.


At the start of the battle either be prepared to use Barrier or Cartwheel out of the way to avoid his laser blasts. Gantu will either use one of two laser based attacks. The first one is where he takes aimed shots at the player. If one hits Aqua the rest will hit her as well, building up damage. His other attack is a rapid-fire laser attack. If the player is hit by many of these blasts, it will do a lot of damage. His laser shots can be reflected back at him using Barrier, which can do quite a bit of damage on Gantu.

Another safety precaution would be to stand directly underneath Gantu, as his large size makes it hard to shoot smaller targets underneath him. Gantu also has melee attacks that he uses when Aqua gets close to him. The first one is where he tries to swat at the player with his hand. To avoid this attack, look carefully at his right arm, and when he moves it to the left side of his body, move out of the way. Players should also be extra careful for his second melee move, a charging attack. This attack can do massive damage to Aqua if she is hit. A good way to avoid Gantu's charge is to watch the warning signs beforehand. When he pulls both of his arms back, be prepared to dodge.

Also Mine Square is useful when he charges as he will most likely step on the mines, taking massive damage. If the player heals often, then this won't be a huge problem. The player can use the Reaction Command "Astro Shot" to have Stitch roll into a ball. Aqua will then throw Stitch at Gantu's face. Stitch will be latched on to Gantu's face, temporarily distracting him for about 6 seconds. This gives you time to heal or attack Gantu. He will eventually grab Stitch and throw him off his face and resume attacking Aqua.

To do "Astro Shot," you must be near Stitch and press the circle button at the right time. If the player can memorize the patterns, run and heal when it's the safest, Cartwheel to safety, and take advantage of the Reaction Command then the battle shouldn't be hard at all.


Gantu - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
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