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The Gallant Achillea is a Scythe that can be wielded by Marluxia in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Gallant Achillea+.


The Gallant Achillea has a curved, teal handle with a small, yellow section near its base and a flat, black pommel. The blade is comprised by a long, white cross with a yellow diamond on each of its tips. The longest arm of the cross (the one that is the foundation of the main blade) has a diamond-shaped gap splitting it in two. The whole blade is held together by a frame that surrounds the cross, leaving several gaps. It is dark blue near the shaft and lightens toward the tip. This frame also forms two large spikes on the top and bottom of the tip of the main blade. The Proud Amaryllis has a different color scheme than this Scythe, but is otherwise identical to it.

"Achillea" is a genus of plants named for the Greek hero Achilles. "Gallant" means "brave" or "honorable".


The Gallant Achillea's ground combo consists of two slashes, starting the combo Marluxia swings the Scythe to the left, then right. The combo then continues by an upward slash to the left that bring Marluxia into the air, Marluxia then proceeds by tossing his Scythe in the air three times and finishes with a 360 spinning slash. The aerial combo slightly resembles the ground combo, it has a slash to the right, left, Marluxia tosses the weapon in the air, and finishes the combo with his 360 slash.


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