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Fury is a pair of Ethereal Blades that can be wielded by Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the Fury+.


Fury is an oblong weapon with a thick, zig-zagging blade. Its blade is squared-off. It has a familiar shape of a jagged thunder bolt. Fury is black and has a red glow.


Fury is violent or uncontrolled anger. Furious means to be incredibly angry.


Fury's attack combos extend the weapon's length for every slash and thrust. The ground combo consists of a rightward slash across Xemnas's front with his right hand, a spinning slash with both hands, and a very long thrust forward with his left hand. The thrust has a knockback effect.

When striking targets, it creates purple and red impact effects. Combo finishers create larger effects, with the red more prominent. The effect is somewhat reminiscent of Lexaeus's aura.

The aerial combo consists of a quick spinning slash with both hands followed by a downward thrust dropping Xemnas to the ground, and an aerial spin with a slash from each hand. Both the downward thrust and finishing slash have a knockback effect.

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