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Fuligin is an Axe Sword that can be wielded by Lexaeus in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Fuligin+.


The Fuligin has a short, black handle with an orange tip and an orange spike in its pommel. A large, indigo ring with a black inner edge is attached to the handle and connects the blade and counterweight. The counterweight is indigo and shaped like a thick arrowhead with a triangular gap in its center. The blade is comprised of three elongated diamonds. The top one is roughly twice the size of the lower two, and all three are white with indigo outer edges and black inner ones. There is a small, silver diamond set in the center of all three sections of the blade.

"Fuligin" is a term coined in the novel The Book of the New Sun, referring to a color darker than black. Nubatama no (ぬばたまの?), is a five-syllable makurakotoba, a type of poetic epithet used in waka poetry. It refers to darkness, typically that of black hair or the night sky.


The Fuligin's ground combo starts with a slow, one-handed upward slash, followed by an identical, but much quicker upward slash, and ends with another powerful, one-handed upward slash.

The aerial combo consists of a single one-handed sideways slash.

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