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Frolic Flame (ラスカルフレイム Rasukaru Fureimu?, lit. Rascal Flame) is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Ventus in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.


The Frolic Flame's round guard has a black outer edge lined by short spikes and a red inner edge, resembling Lea's frisbees. The handle is black with dark blue "wrapping" on it. The base of the blade resembles the flaming Bomb design on Lea's frisbees. The blade and teeth are formed by a large plume of fire that curls at the tip, leaving a circular gap in the head of the blade. It stretches from a yellow into a slight orange, and finally curving into a deep crimson. The Keychain has three links that resemble small flames, while the token resembles a large tongue of fire.

This Keyblade bears a large resemblance to the Maverick Flare in color scheme and design, but the teeth bear a stronger resemblance to the Leviathan.

The Frolic Flame's name is a reference to Lea and Axel. Both "frolic" and "rascal" reference Lea's lighthearted and mischievous nature, while "flame" references Lea and his Nobody's association with fire.