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Freakish Bestiary (妖魔図録 Yōma Zuroku?, lit. "Ghostly Picture Book") is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Freakish Bestiary+.


The Freakish Bestiary lexicon is rectangular with curved corners on the ends of the covers, as well as a concave edge on each cover. Both the top and bottom edges of the spine are also concave. The both covers share a pale yellow, three-pronged symbol superimposed over a grey ring.

The three-pronged symbol is vaguely reminiscent of the three interconnected Nobody symbol design on the front cover of the Book of Retribution. The corners of the spine each sport a slightly curved, pale yellow rectangle, each with a grey border. The lexicon itself is mostly black and also has a grey border. The Arcane Compendium is nearly identical to this lexicon, save for its color scheme.

Something that is "freakish" is bizarre or unpredictable. A bestiary is a compendium of information on various animals, both real and fictional. "Ghostly" can mean "frightening", and a picture book is a book, often intended for young children, with text accompanied by illustrations.


The Freakish Bestiary's ground combo begins with a vertical downward slash, a leftward/rightward swipe, and a spinning horizontal slash as a combo finisher. If Y is pushed, the leftward/rightward swipe launches Zexion into the air where he finishes the combo with the final forward spinning throw.

Freakish Bestiary's aerial combo is simple, consisting only of a downward vertical slash, an upward vertical slash, and a final forward spinning throw.

When the Freakish Bestiary contacts an enemy, a green star burst and smaller yellow semicircles expand outward.

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