Frankenstein Form is the form that Goofy takes on when he visits Halloween Town. In this form, he can fight with his shield like in any other world.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, Goofy takes this appearance when you use his Friend Card in Halloween Town.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Goofy is in this form while in Christmas Town but in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, he has his Reindeer Form for Christmas Town.

Journal Entry

Kingdom Hearts II

Two Weeks Vacation (1952)

Captain of the Royal Knights. He's traveling the worlds with Sora and Donald in search of the King.

Not long ago, he helped unravel Oogie's scheme to take over Halloween Town.


In his Frankenstein Form, Goofy's appearance resembles the stereotypical depiction of Frankenstein's monster. He wears a tan turtleneck sweater, a yellow, tattered, patched jacket, green pants that are equally tattered and patched, with a black left leg, black suspenders, and brown shoes with holes ripped open for his toes. All of his clothing is faded. Goofy retains his floppy ears, but they are thinner and mangier-looking than normal.

He has an enormous, silver screw in the top of his head and his fingernails are pointed. His fur is black and is spiked wildly on his head around the screw. Goofy's nose becomes a metal cap and is tipped with a small jack o' lantern, similar to Zero. His eyes are heterochromatic; the left one is red and the right one is a grey spiral. Goofy's weapons gain a darker, ashen appearance in this form.


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