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The Fortuneteller (フォーチュンテラー Fōchunterā?) is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts Union χ.


A Fortuneteller has a somewhat feminine body structure, and dresses in loose, flowing clothing. It has dark purple skin, circular, yellow eyes, thin arms, and large, four-fingered hands. Its face is almost entirely covered by a large headdress that is lavender with red-violet inner lining, a curled tip at its top, and a Heartless symbol on the section covering the creature's forehead.

It also wears a navy blue tank top, baggy, purple and lavender pants, and a violet cloth around its waist, all of which have pale yellow lining. The Fortuneteller also sports a pale yellow wristband on each of its wrists, a small ring of the same color on each of its index fingers, and violet and pale yellow high-heeled shoes. The Heartless always balances on a sparkling crystal ball.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Fortuneteller's skin is black, its headdress is off-white, its top and shoes are salmon pink, and its pants are teal and off-white, with bright green trim. Its wristbands and sash become a bright shade of violet, and its crystal ball seems brighter.

The Fortuneteller's name is a clear reference to fortune-telling. The Fortuneteller Heartless resembles a stereotypical fortune-teller, and balances on a crystal ball, one of the more famous tools of fortune-telling.


As the Fortuneteller is an aerial heartless, aerial attacks work perfectly against them. Using guard to block the crystals they shoot will do major damage to them making them easier to defeat.

Stats & Abilities

  • Ice-Pierce:Throw ice crystals
  • Crystal Ball: Swing crystal in figure-8
  • Frozen Verdict: Seal target in ice after 3-count