Formchange is a mechanic introduced in Kingdom Hearts III that gives Sora special abilities and changes the form of his Keyblade into various other weapons. Each Formchange, with the exception of Second Form, also recolors Sora's outfit.


Each Formchange has a special Shotlock with each unique attack being activated and effectively replacing Sora's current equipped Shotlock for that specific Keyblade if the lock-on count is at MAX when it is unleashed. The MAX Shotlock of each form utilizes the highest level of Sora's Keyblade transformation, if there is one, whether or not the transformation is currently active when it is used.


List of Formchanges

Kingdom Key

Hero's Origin

Shooting Star

Favorite Deputy

Ever After

Happy Gear

Hunny Spout

Crystal Snow

Wheel of Fate

Nano Gear


Grand Chef

Classic Tone

Ultima Weapon

Phantom Green

Midnight Blue

Dawn Till Dusk


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