Sora's Formation Arts figure from Volume 3

The Formation Arts Figures are officially-licensed sets of collectible figures, like the static arts and play arts figures, made for the Kingdom Hearts game series, and are part of Square-Enix's larger Formation Arts collectible figurines series. As of 2009, three official Kingdom Hearts sets have been released.

All sets are composed of six figures, three heroes and three villains. All figures are made of heavy plastic and feature a character or characters with important props, locations, or symbols that represent them.

The figures have a black or white symbol on the back opposite the Mickey head or Heartless symbol on the front of the base. This marks which chess piece the figure corresponds to so the figures can be used on a Chess board. However, there are repeats of the same piece throughout the series so you can use whatever ones you want based on liking or which ones you receive.

Set Types

Two styles of the Formation arts figures have been released. The original style comes packaged in a small, solid box. The figure inside is randomized, so the buyer cannot see which character they are purchasing, and will not know until the box is opened. Some characters can be guessed at based on the weight of the box; Hades from the first volume can usually be selected without opening the box, for example, as packages with his figure were slightly heavier. In addition, at least a few of each figure were also released in rare monotone version, colored to resemble a pewter-like metal. Once opened, the figurines have to be assembled in the style of a gashapon toy according to the directions contained within. These figures were primarily released in Japan, although a few make their way to other countries through collectors and conventions.

The second version comes packaged in a blister pack, so the character being chosen is readily seen; only the heroes from each set are available. In addition, instead of coming in pieces as the original releases did, the blister figures are made from one molded, painted piece of plastic. They are generally seen as lower in quality, but on the plus side are cheaper and readily available in more places, including many American shops and bookstore chains such as Borders.

Volume 1 Figures

The figures from Volume 1 were made available in Japan in April 2005. They are, in numerical order:

Volume 2 Figures

The figures from Volume 2 were first made available in Japan in April 2006. A "re-run", or re-release, was done in August 2008. They are, in numerical order:

Volume 3 Figures

The Volume 3 figures were released in Japan in August 2008. It is the first series to be based on Kingdom Hearts II. In numerical order, they are:

Volume 4 Figures

The Volume 4 figures were released in Japan in Fall 2010. It is the continuation of figures based on Kingdom Hearts II. A slight departure from the previous series, this volume does not contain villains, and only has 5 figures. The bases also no longer have the chess piece distinction. In numerical order, they are:


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