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The Forecast screen.

The Forecast (イベントフォーキャスト Ibento Fōkyasuto?, lit. "Event Forecast") is a gameplay element in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

It is a collection of components that affect the current "day" of the world. These components are the current condition, which Dream Eater's special portal is present (as well as its difficulty and bonus item.)

Special Portals

Special Portals are a feature which allow the player to battle against a chosen Dream Eater to gain rewards. Special Portals are also necessary for 100% completion of the game. Each world can contain up to twelve Special Portals, with up to six being available for both Sora and Riku (with the exception of The World That Never Was, which has three for each).

One portal is able to be accessed per drop; the currently accessible portal is able to be viewed in the Forecast. Until the portal has been accessed, however, the image will show a silhouetted outline of the Dream Eater in question.

Once the portal has been accessed, the Dream Eater is made visible, and its name is also able to be seen. Occasionally, a glitch may occur in the game during which a portal may not show up at the correct time, nor at the correct location. [1] Dropping several times a row can fix this.

Bonus Item

An item is displayed on the Forecast screen at every drop, which if obtained, will provide a bonus in drop points for either Sora or Riku when they next drop. If an item on a Forecast screen that is not currently available is obtained, no bonus will be given.

List of Forecasts

Name Description
Munnystorm (マニーデー
Manī Dē
?, lit. "Munny Day")
Doubles the amount of Munny dropped by defeated enemies.
Risky Winds (リスキーデー
Risukī Dē
?, lit. "Risky Day")
Every Spirit created has an automatic increase of one rank, but recipes have a higher chance of creating alternate Spirits or failing outright. Not available in Beginner Mode.
Overcast (マジカルデー
Majikaru Dē
?, lit. "Magical Day")
Awards a 20% boost to the magical strength of both the player, their allies, and their opponents.
HP Showers (HPボールデー
HP Bōru Dē
?, lit. "HP Ball Day")
Increases the amount of HP Prizes dropped by defeated enemies.
Treasure Front (トレジャーデー
Torejā Dē
?, lit. "Treasure Day")
Increases the amount of Prize Boxes dropped by defeated enemies.
Ordinary Day (ナチュラルデー
Nachuraru Dē
?, lit. "Natural Day")
An uneventful day. There are no modifications to any mechanic.
Bargain Flurry (バーゲンデー
Bāgen Dē
?, lit. "Bargain Day")
Rare items at the shop, plus a 20% discount!