Floating Island
Floating Island KHII
Katakana フローティングアイランド
Path Disney CastlePort Royal

Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Field theme - Floating in Bliss
Floating in Bliss
Rank Score Reward
S 300 Mandragora Model
A 260 Large Rotor-G
B 220 Cost Converter
C 180 Excalibur-G
D 140 Firaga-G
E 100 Graviga-G
Enemy Screen Reward

Driller (R) Back Masamune-G
Crawler Left Neon Orb-G
Bomber (R) Front Auto-Regen
Crawler Back Neon Bar-G
Phoenix (R) Back Fira-G
Bomber (R) Back Rotor-G
Phoenix (R) Back Fira-G
Crawler Front Neon Bar-G
Crawler Front Neon Orb-G
Crawler Front Neon Bar-G
Phoenix (G) Front Propeller-G
Phoenix (R) Front Mini-Propeller-G
Crawler Left Neon Orb-G
Driller (R) Front Gungnir-G
Crawler Right Neon Bar-G
Tank (G) Right Bridge-G
Rank Score Reward
S 1000000 Sphere Helm-G
A 900000 Square Light-G
B 800000 Mini-Propeller-G
C 700000 Saw-G
D 600000 Firaga-G
E 500000 Ultima-G

Floating Island is a Gummi Mission available in Kingdom Hearts II. Upon completion the first time through, it unlocks Port Royal for regular gameplay.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the EX S mission requirements are:

  • Mission 1: Gummi ship must be a special model.
  • Mission 2: Gummi ship must have at least four lock-on weapons.
  • Mission 3: Teeny ships cannot be used.




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