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Fire Raid COM

Fire Raid in Chain of Memories

(Fire (card) + Kingdom Key (card) + Kingdom Key (card)) Fire Raid is both a Sleight and a Deck Command, appearing in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. When this Sleight is executed, Sora hurls the Keyblade at the opponent and inflicts Fire-based damage. The amount of damage Fire Raid can do depends on the distance between Sora and the enemy, because Fire Raid can do more damage if there is a large distance between Sora and the enemy.

Learning Fire Raid

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Fire Raid can be found in Monstro in a Calm Bounty room. This Sleight can be used by combining a Fire card and two Attack Cards.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Fire Raid can be obtained by converting these commands:

  • Strike Raid + Sliding Dash
  • Rising Strike + Aero Raid
  • Aerial Slam + Heat Dash
  • Fire + Strike Raid
  • Fira + Strike Raid

It is also dropped by Red Nocturne Heartless.

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