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KH2 iconKHREC icon Finishing Plus (フィニッシュプラス Finishhu Purasu?, lit. "Finish Plus") is an ability which appears in Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

This ability allows Sora and Data-Sora to unleash successive finishing moves after combos.


In Kingdom Hearts II, the Finishing Plus requires 5 AP to equip.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Data-Sora can learn Finishing Plus through the use of Stat Matrix.

Learning Finishing Plus

Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

  • Roxas learns Finishing Plus at the beginning of the Third Day in Critical Mode.
  • Sora learns Finishing Plus at level 49 with the Dream Sword, 65 with the Dream Shield, and 85 with the Dream Rod.
  • The Rumbling Rose has Finishing Plus as its Equipment Ability.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

  • Data-Sora can find Finishing Plus in the Stat Matrix. He can learn up to two Finishing Plus's.
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