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#REDIRECT [[List of Heartless#List of Heartless]]
|name=Fat Bandit
|image1=[[File:Fat Bandit (KHII).png|250px]]
|image2=[[File:Fat Bandit (KHIIFM).png|250px]]
|tab2=Final Mix
|romaji=Fatto Banditto
|fr=Gros bandit
|game1=Kingdom Hearts
|game2=Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
|game3=Kingdom Hearts II
|game4=Kingdom Hearts coded
|type=Emblem Heartless
|s1=Large Body
|journalKH=Heartless that mostly appear in Agrabah. They are well-balanced offensively and defensively. Besides strong physical attack, they use fire, and they block attacks against them. Their movement is their weakness.
|journalSS=A Heartless that mainly appears in Agrabah.<br>The Fat Bandit repels frontal attacks with its jiggly belly and spits fireballs.
|journalKH2=Immune to fire magic, it parries most attacks dealt from the front. Use the Rush attack from behind and defeat it with a combo attack.<br>Parry its fire bombs for a chance to unleash Full Swing!
|journalCOD=Tubby tough guys who show up in Agrabah. These Heartless balance offense and defense, flinging fire one moment and belly-bouncing back your attacks the next. While formidable opponents, they are anything but fast, and leave themselves wide open if you know where to strike.
|KHreward=(1) HP Ball x 10, (5) HP Ball x 1<br>(1) Munny x 1, (5) Munny x 2<br>Hi-Potion (4%), Blaze Gem (8%), Firaga Ring (1%)<ref>The Fat Bandit drops (1) HP Ball x 15, (5) HP Ball x 1, (1) Munny x 2, (5) Munny x 4, Elixir (4%), Blaze Gem (8%), and Firaga Ring (2%) if it is defeated with attacks to the stomach while it is inhaling, or (1) HP Ball x 10 if it is defeated with Gravity while it is inhaling.</ref>
|KHworld=Agrabah, Monstro
|KHcup1=Pegasus Cup
|KHteam12=The Big Combo
|KHteam13=Giant Impact
|KHcup2=Hades Cup
|KHteam21=Bad Union
|KHteam22=Blaze Bandits
|KHteam23=Violent Bunch
|KHteam24=Heavy Warriors
|ability=Back Attack
|desc=Increase attack damage when striking enemy from behind.
|duration=2 reloads
|KH2reward=(3) MP Ball x 2<br>(3) Drive Ball x 4<br>Blazing Gem (12%), Ether (10%), Serenity Shard (4%)
|KH2cup1=Cerberus Cup
|KH2cup2=Goddess of Fate Cup
|KH2cup3=Cerberus Paradox Cup
The '''Fat Bandit''' is an [[Emblem Heartless]] that is found in ''[[Kingdom Hearts (game)|Kingdom Hearts]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts Final Mix]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts II]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix]]'', ''[[Kingdom Hearts coded]]'', and ''[[Kingdom Hearts Re:coded]]''.
"Fat Bandit" is the perfect name for these massive, essentially spherical Heartless. A cousin of the more svelte [[Bandit]], Fat Bandits boast the blue skin, turbans, face masks, and curled-toe shoes of their skinnier counterparts. Their dress is stereotypically Arabian, in keeping with [[Agrabah|the area]] they tend to be seen most in, and is bright and colorful, probably to distinguish them from the similarly shaped but more muted [[Large Body|Large Bodies]]. Fat Bandits are clad in an orange, pointy-shouldered vest trimmed in light yellow, light orange wristbands, a yellow sash, and bright green baggy pants, the warm colors serving as a warning of their Fire-based magic abilities.
In ''Kingdom Hearts Final Mix'', Fat Bandits are colored completely differently from the originals; they feature grey skin, a light blue sash, dark blue pants, green wristbands, and a red vest trimmed in gold.
The Fat Bandit's name references the size of the Heartless's round, bloated body, and highlights its resemblance to Arabian thugs. Historically, [[Wikipedia:Outlaw|bandits]] were outlaws that would commit crimes such as robbery or murder.
They are quite similar to Large Bodies, since damage to their front side is negated, but can attack with fire, by spitting it and breathing it. They can turn around much faster to protect their backsides, whereas the Large Body cannot.
Because of their long range fire-based attacks, Fat Bandits are best attacked with magic from afar. However, [[Fire]] has no effect on them. The Fat Bandits also take damage from attacks to the head, and are very easy to attack when they turn around to charge up their attack that sends a wave of fire on the floor.
*'''Flamethrower''': Blows long flame forward
*'''Flame Shot''': Blows fireballs from its mouth
*'''Light Punch''': Low jump followed by double-fist swing
*'''Blaze Punch''': Fiery punch creates shockwave
==Notes and references==
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