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This article is about the boss. You may be looking for the real Vivi.

Fake Vivi is a combatant in the Simulated Twilight Town's Struggle tournament, although he turns out to be a Dusk disguised as Vivi. You must combat Fake Vivi once more as Roxas while searching for the truth behind the Seven Wonders of Twilight Town.


Kingdom Hearts II

First battle

Your first confrontation with Fake Vivi is during the Struggle Tournament while playing as Roxas, this battle will be the most difficult of the entire Struggle tournament with Fake Vivi being faster and more relentless than any of the other competitors. This means you should have the Guard ability equipped because he can run circles around you. Fortunately his attacks are not powerful.

He gathers orbs quickly, so once you attack gather up the orbs you drop. During the battle Vivi will close distance with you more often than the others leaving little room for you to run to, in addition you will have to look out for powerful overhead swings where Vivi enlarges his bat. The last major attack to look out for is a rapid spinning Vortex-like attack where Fake Vivi spins with his bat through to air towards you.

His one weakness is the duration of his attacks. Keep circling him and when he attacks, counterattack from the side or behind. If speed is an issue, use the Guard ability and counterattack with a combo.

The key is to keep moving, otherwise he will attack you and gather up orbs so fast that you won't see it coming.

It's suggested that you just do whatever you'd normally do for the tournament, keep on the attack against Fake Vivi, and collect every single orb you can. If all else fails, collect a couple more orbs than Fake Vivi then just run around avoiding his attacks until time runs out. Generally it will be a close call since Fake Vivi will be after those orbs just as much as you are.

Second battle

Your second time fighting Fake Vivi will be when Roxas and the gang are searching for the "Seven Wonders of Twilight Town" on Roxas's second to last day. When you go into the tunnel to find the "Moaning Ghost", Roxas will be confused to see Vivi, who proceeds to create numerous clones of himself.

This battle is much, much easier than your first confrontation, with each Vivi requiring only one hit to dispatch, as each Vivi clone has only one HP and give only one EXP. Depending on your level, this can actually get annoying quickly, if too many appear at one time they can quickly deal damage as they surround you. But use the same tactics as the struggle battle and they will all go down within a couple of minutes.


  • Down Swing: Jumping down-swing attack.
  • V-Spin Attack: Jumping triple-upswing attack.
  • Super Spin Attack: Large spin attack then thrusting stab.

Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 Vivi replicas have only 1 HP, and provide 1 EXP.