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Extirpeur is a set of Knives that can be wielded by Larxene in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to Extirpeur+.


An Extirpeur Knife is identical in shape to a Déluge Knife, differing only in color. This type of Knife has a red handle and a strangely shaped blade. The blade is split into three separate blades, two on either side, and the main blade. Each of these blades has a curve on the same side. The blades on the two sides are pale gold-colored, while the center blade is red. The shaft of the blade is black and has a circular hole in its center.

"Extirpeur" is a slight misspelling of "extirper", alternately "extirpateur", meaning "eradicator". This is a reference to Larxene's ferocity in battle.


Contrary to its description, Extripeur's combo seems to be most significant with its ground combo, containing four moves in total. It begins with a low, circular sweep, knives brandished, and is immediately followed by an identical move. Afterward comes a jumping vertical spin, which finishes with a lunge forward, knives extended, ending with a spinning slash and cartwheel.

Its aerial combo consists of only two to three moves. It begins with two left and right swipes and is finished by a mid-air roll, ending with a downward slash with the knives. Continuing to press A will result in a repeat of the latter move—a mid-air roll and downward slash.

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