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DL Stitch

Experiment 626 (Stitch) (626号(スティッチ) 626-gō (Sutitchi)?, lit. "626 (Stitch)") is a D-Link in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, usable by Terra, Aqua, and Ventus. It is obtained after clearing Deep Space.


Stitch D-Link KHBBS

Ventus using Ohana Beat.

Stitch's command deck primarily consists of thunder-based attacks and thunder magics, therefore suitable to be used when fighting enemies that are weak to thunder element. Stitch's first ability enhances the attack command's power. While his second ability, Double CP, is quite useful for gathering CPs.


Level 0

DL StitchAvatar1
Command Deck

Level 1 DL StitchAttackUp

DL StitchAvatar1
Command Deck
  • Random Beam

Level 2 DL StitchCPDoubleUp

DL StitchAvatar2
Command Deck

Exclusive Commands

Random Beam

Random Beam (Terra) KHBBS

Terra using Random Beam.

Random Beam (ランダムビーム Randamu Bīmu?) - If you press the button that appears on the screen at the right time, you fire a beam that rebounds off of objects.

Ohana Beat

Ohana Beat (オハナビート Ohana Bīto?) - Buttons will pass from right to left, and if the correct buttons on screen are pressed with the correct timing, sound waves will surround the player and strike nearby enemies and expand as more buttons are pressed correctly.

After the buttons are pressed successfully four consecutive times two buttons start to pass from right to left each time instead of one. If both are pressed simultaneously with the correct timing, a burst of energy will come from the guitar, causing extra damage to surrounding enemies. If the button is not mashed or the timing is off, all sound waves vanish and the finisher cycle starts over. The finisher will end after 8 button combinations have passed through the screen, regardless of how many the player has hit or missed.

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